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Movement Logic

Movement Logic is Trina Altman, Laurel Beversdorf and Sarah Court.

This collaboration came about because the three of us recognized that even with all the information out there, there’s not a lot of information on what to do with it!  What a lot of teachers want are the critical thinking skills to work with students and clients who are in pain and are looking to you for help. If you’ve felt like your current knowledge base is lacking in this kind of reasoned application of movement therapy, then this is the course for you!

This series of tutorials will enhance your problem-solving skills so you can work more effectively with your students and clients who are injured or in pain. Each tutorial focuses on a specific body region and its common injuries and pathologies. You will build a library of knowledge and techniques that you can put to immediate use. The skills you acquire through our tutorials will deepen your teaching and help you to attract a broader clientele.

Motor Learning: Science and Strategies

What is motor learning, and how can you take advantage of it when you’re teaching? Are your students actually learning movement, or do you have to cue them into every pose, every time? Are they relying on you too much? The bottom line is that you may not be allowing motor learning to take place!

This lecture originally appeared as part of the Mettaversity series Realigning Yoga and is now available for individual purchase for $15. Your purchase will get you a link to the online video that you can watch as many times as you like.