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Balancing Act

Saturday August 1st 10.30-11.30am

The yoga poses that get the most attention are often the inversions – handstand, forearmstand, headstand and so on.  And while that can look cool on social media, what we really need in life is to be good at balancing on our feet. Did you know there are three systems constantly at work to keep you upright? What if one (or more) begins to decline?

In this 1 hour class, we’ll learn movements and exercises to keep all three systems are in tip-top condition.  You’ll leave with a better sense of balance that will serve you as you move through the world.

You’ll also get a link to the online video that you can access for a week following the class!

Con Ed: 1 non-contact hour CE credit from Yoga Alliance.

Tech Support, Spinal Countdown, Sleeping Booty and Balancing Act

Buy all four 1 hour online classes for a discounted price – only $80 ($20 savings)!

Miss some live, but still want to take the class series? You’ll receive access to the recording for each class for a dedicated week (so you don’t have to take them all at the same time!)

Con Ed: 4 non-contact hours CE credit from Yoga Alliance.


Saturday 8/15 2-4pm

As we continue to deal with the impact of the pandemic on our lives, we’ve all had to figure out how best to take care of ourselves. With that said, there are so many options out there for learning physical and mental relaxation, it can become overwhelming (which nobody needs any more of right now). Over the years as first a yoga teacher and then a physical therapist, I’ve developed a sequence of self-massage techniques, yoga poses, and movement therapy that is my weekly go-to practice, and I’m here to share it with you.


In this live online workshop, we will learn new self-massage techniques, selected yoga poses designed to open the shoulder and pelvic girdles, and therapeutic movements that reconnect you with your deepest self. You’ll have access to the workshop for 1 month afterwards, so you can unwind as many times as you need.

Con Ed: 2 non-contact hours CE credit from Yoga Alliance.

Register here or call (626) 403-3961.

With Sarah Court, Laurel Beversdorf, Trina Altman and Anula Maiberg

This series of tutorials will enhance your problem-solving skills so you can work more effectively with your students and clients who are injured or in pain.

Each tutorial focuses on a specific body region and its common injuries and pathologies. You will build a library of knowledge and techniques that you can put to immediate use. If you’ve felt like your current knowledge base is lacking in this kind of reasoned application of movement therapy, then this is the course for you!

Motor Learning: Science and Strategies

What is motor learning, and how can you take advantage of it when you’re teaching? Are your students actually learning movement, or do you have to cue them into every pose, every time? Are they relying on you too much? The bottom line is that you may not be allowing motor learning to take place!

This lecture originally appeared as part of the Mettaversity series Realigning Yoga and is now available for individual purchase for $15. Your purchase will get you a link to the online video that you can watch as many times as you like.