Online Courses


Free Intro to Pain Science

In this free webinar, I cover the 5 most essential things you need to know if you’re working with a student or a client who is in pain, with practical pain-reducing solutions that you can start using right away.


Pain Science Informed Movement Therapy Tutorials

This series of tutorials will enhance your problem-solving skills so you can work more effectively with your students and clients who are injured or in pain.

This collaboration came about because the three of us recognized that even with all the information out there, there’s not a lot of information on what to do with it! What a lot of teachers want are the critical thinking skills to work with students and clients who are in pain and are looking to you for help. If you’ve felt like your current knowledge base is lacking in this kind of reasoned application of movement therapy, then this is the course for you!


How I Teach Movement

My clinical studies and practice inform everything I teach – including yoga asana. I approach yoga students and yoga teachers in much the same way – let’s work together to help you move smarter, recognize your body’s habits (good and bad!), and make adjustments to how you practice, in order to maximize the right kind of strength and mobility your body needs to feel good and remain injury-free.