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I’m Sarah, and I’m a Doctor of Physical Therapy, the creator of Quantum Leap, and a Yoga Tune Up® Teacher Trainer. I teach public workshops, anatomy for yoga teacher trainings, and I train Yoga Tune Up® teachers worldwide. I developed and teach my Quantum Leap continuing education program to make sophisticated movement science easy for movement teachers to understand and put to use in their work. Most of the time, you can find me practicing physical therapy at Postureworks in Santa Monica.

  • DPT / Mount St. Mary´s University
  • Yoga Tune Up integrated teacher trainer
  • Roll Model Method practitioner trainer
  • E-RYT 200

Your teaching is truly inspirational. Thank you for all I learned, you managed to make one of the most inactive people around excited to not only exercise but find balance in an otherwise kaleidoscopic world.

Chef de Cuisine / Jean Georges Restaurant


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I shared this on my Insta page and people got pretty excited, so I thought I'd bring it over here to hear your thoughts:

Ok. Here's the thing. I come from a long-standing yoga tradition where teachers' assistants do not get paid, because the value of learning from the teacher is considered enough, and that the experience of seva, or selfless service, is a valuable one for the assistant. I have both assisted without payment, and had assistants that I did not pay. In the role of assistant, I have paid my own room and board to travel across the country and work for free. I have also had assistants do the same for me. I have come to a conclusion:

This is nonsense.

It's 2018. If I'm teaching a workshop, class, or training that has enough people enrolled that I need someone to help me, that means I'm making enough money by teaching that workshop, class, or training, that I can afford to pay the person who is helping me. They are still in service, even if I pay for their hotel room, or buy them lunch. The yoga universe is different now from what it once was - it's a multi-million dollar industry, whether we like it or not - and to be taking part in that industry but withholding income from someone who, while technically not an employee, is performing work on my behalf while at a financial disadvantage, just seems ludicrous to me.

What do you think?

For trainings, workshops, and a free 7 minute plantar fasciitis video, visit www.sarahcourtdpt.com!
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